A Comprehensive Roadmap on the Odoo Developer Journey

Muhammad Abdullah Arif
3 min readJan 23, 2024
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1. Understanding the Basics:

Odoo Essentials

Start with the fundamentals. Understand what Odoo is and its architecture. The official Odoo Documentation is your go-to resource.

Odoo Documentation Index

Odoo Documentation Index

Python Proficiency

Since Odoo is built on Python, solidify your Python skills. Websites like Codecademy and Real Python offer great tutorials.

Learn to Code — for Free | Codecademy

Python Tutorial (w3schools.com)

Muhammad Abdullah — Personal Portfolio (smuhabdullah.me)

2. Dive into Odoo Development

Module Development

Learn how to develop custom Odoo modules. Check out OCA’s GitHub repository for community modules and examples.

Odoo Community Association (github.com)

Odoo Community Association (github.com)

API Mastery

Understand Odoo’s API for effective integrations. Odoo’s API Guidelines provide a comprehensive overview.

Welcome to Odoo new API guideline’s — Odoo new API guideline 0.1 documentation (odoo-new-api-guide-line.readthedocs.io)

3. Mastering the Frontend

QWeb & JavaScript

Get comfortable with QWeb templating and Odoo’s JavaScript framework. Odoo’s JavaScript Reference is a goldmine.

Javascript Reference — Odoo 17.0 documentation

4. Database Management

PostgreSQL Proficiency

Since Odoo uses PostgreSQL, strengthen your database management skills. PostgreSQL’s official site has extensive documentation.

PostgreSQL: The world’s most advanced open source database

PostgreSQL: Documentation

5. Advanced Topics

Odoo.sh & Deployment

Learn about Odoo.sh, the platform for hosting and managing Odoo apps. Their official documentation is a great starting point.

Odoo.sh for Developers (youtube.com)

The Odoo Cloud Platform | Official Odoo Hosting

Odoo.sh Cloud Hosting for Custom Deployment & Server Management (youtube.com)

6. Join the Community

Forums & Groups

Engage with the Odoo Community and join groups on LinkedIn and GitHub.

Community | Odoo

7. Continuous Learning

Odoo Webinars & Tutorials

Keep up with the latest through Odoo’s Webinars and YouTube tutorials.

As you embark on this journey, remember, the road to expertise is paved with practice, curiosity, and the willingness to keep learning. Odoo development offers a vibrant, ever-evolving landscape that promises both challenges and immense rewards.

Odoo eLearning — Live webinar | Odoo

Let’s connect, share experiences, and grow together in this dynamic Odoo community. Drop a comment or message me if you have any questions or insights. Here’s to coding, creating, and conquering in the world of Odoo! 🎉

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