A Journey of Impact and Reflection

Lessons from Fundraising for Edhi and Akhuwat Foundations

Muhammad Abdullah Arif
2 min readOct 20, 2023

In life, there are instances that leave a mark on your heart and mind, causing you to reflect deeply about your actions and the world around you. One such instance that has had a profound impact on me is my involvement in the fundraising project for the Edhi Foundation and Akhuwat Foundation. It was not just about raising funds, but a journey of self-discovery, learning, and empathy.

The Impactful Instance

The Edhi Foundation and Akhuwat Foundation fundraising project stands out as the most significant instance in my life. It was not merely about collecting donations from people.

Reflecting on Self and Perspective

This experience made me think my own life map, connecting the dots that brought me to this point. During the initial sessions, we trace into the concept of leadership without authority. It struck me that I had often assumed that only with power or authority could I make a better impact. This project made me realize that I didn’t need formal authority to lead or create change; all I needed was the willingness to take initiative and act.

Influence of Others

The way people around me acted during this project had a significant impact on my realizations. Witnessing the passion, empathy, and determination of my peers and mentors, I was inspired to channel my energy positively. Their dedication to the cause and the genuine care they showed to every person we approached was infectious. It reminded me that change starts with individual actions and a genuine concern for others.

Looking Back and Doing Things Differently

Reflecting on this experience, I believe I would approach things differently in the future. Instead of waiting for authority to make a change, I now understand that leadership can begin with me, in my current role and capacity. I’ve learned that it’s essential to listen to others, understand their perspectives, and connect with them on a personal level. The Edhi and Akhuwat Foundation project taught me that meaningful change can happen one person at a time.

In conclusion, the fundraising project for the Edhi Foundation and Akhuwat Foundation was more than just a charitable endeavor; it was a life-altering experience. It helped me understand the importance of leadership without authority and the power of empathy. The passion and dedication of the people around me served as a guiding light, inspiring me to act in ways I hadn’t before. Looking forward, I am determined to continue making a positive impact, knowing that I don’t need a formal title to lead and create change.



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