A Reflection on the Curiosense Project

Muhammad Abdullah Arif
3 min readOct 16, 2023


In my role as an instructor and web developer for the Curiosense Project, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to give workshop with over 100+ students, sharing the wonders of STEM through hands-on activities and workshops. The project has not only been a fulfilling experience for me but has also left a profound impact on the students minds we’ve engaged with. This reflection aims to shed light on my journey, our methods, and our vision for the future.

Inspiring Through Interactive Workshops

At Curiosense, we believe that the best way to impart knowledge is through active learning. We’ve conducted workshops where students participate in various STEM activities. These activities have been carefully designed to be both educational and enjoyable. One such activity involves the concept of balance, where students construct bridges and learn about the center of point with the sticks. It’s not only a hands-on experience but also a visual representation of physics in action.

CurioSense (@curio.sense) • Instagram photos and videos

Another engaging activity revolves around the principles of light and sensors. We demonstrate the working of streetlights using Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs), allowing students to see how these seemingly simple devices impact our daily lives. These activities not only make learning fun but also help students understand how streetlight works.

CurioSense (@curio.sense) • Instagram photos and videos

The Power of Active Listening and Participation

In our workshops, active listening and participation are encouraged and rewarded. We’ve observed that when students engage, they absorb information more effectively. To acknowledge their dedication, we provide gifts such as customized pens, keychains, and chocolates to the most engaged participants and the winners. This not only motivates them but also reinforces the importance of active learning.

Expanding Our Reach

Our journey doesn’t end with workshops. We’re on a mission to make STEM education accessible to more schools. We’re proud to have developed a comprehensive curriculum that can be easily integrated into the school system. This curriculum will enable schools to work with us, providing students with consistent exposure to STEM education. The feedback we’ve received from schools has been encouraging, and many have expressed interest in conducting our sessions twice a week to their students.

Future Prospects

As we move forward, our vision is to expand our reach and impact. We aim to partner with more schools, reaching an even wider audience of eager young minds. Our ultimate goal is to foster a love for STEM subjects and help the scientists and innovators of tomorrow. We believe that by making learning enjoyable and interactive, we can ignite the curiosity and passion in the hearts of students.


The Curiosense Project has been an incredible journey, filled with the excitement of discovery and the satisfaction of imparting knowledge. We’ve witnessed the transformative power of hands-on learning, active participation, and gifts. With the curriculum in place and growing interest from schools, the future looks bright for our initiative. Together, we are empowering the next generation to explore the wonders of STEM and shape a better tomorrow.

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