Taking Flight 🕊

Connecting and Growing with Amal Fellowship

Muhammad Abdullah Arif
3 min readNov 2, 2023

I was wondering,

‘Am I able to complete this Fellowship? 🤔’

Yes, I have completed it, 🌟

but not only completed it; Insha'Allah, I will grab all the points, and it will help me today and, in the future, as well.

The Amal Fellowship has always been about more than just professional growth; it’s about forming an attached community of individuals with shared values and aspirations. The session is titled

“Taking Flight 🕊”

It was an extraordinary experience that not only deepened our understanding of each other but also left a lasting mark on our hearts.

As we headed to Turtle Beach all together 🏖️ and played different games, just like building a sandcastle 🏰. We received a challenge from Ma’am Ruhila to construct a castle 🏰. She divided us into 5 different groups, and with my team — Huzaifa, Sarim, Asma, Bilal, Mehma, Sameen, and I — we created a castle and named it ‘Istanbul’ 🏰. Our castle featured walls, traps for enemies ⚔️, a main castle 🏯, and five small buildings 🏘️, with guards to protect it 🛡️. Thanks to our teamwork, we emerged as the victorious group 🏆. Not only did we win 🥇, but we also had a great time talking to each other and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge 🎉.

I think it is important to connect and do things just for your emotional uplift sometimes because our mind, as the psychological term suggests, need a ‘confidant’ or a ‘trusted confidante.’ 🧠🤝 This means that we need someone with whom we can share and connect. By doing so, we can gain valuable and effective insights.

Not to forget, in this last session, I must mention some outstanding names Abdul Majid, Sarim, Ahsan, Bilal, Emaan, Wahaj, and the one and only Maroof, the best of the best. 😄 I’ve connected with them and learned how to be kind, passionate, and work from the bottom of the heart ❤️.

I’ll never forget my Amal family, and as a part of that, I’ll stay in touch via social media. We can gather together; in fact, I’ve recently been in touch with Amal ambassadors. 📲 After that, I’ll make sure to be in touch with everyone via WhatsApp or even in person. I’m also available if you ever need my expertise. Also, Ahsan, Maroof, Sarim, Abdul Majid, Wahaj — they’re all just lovely! 😍

As our journey ends, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Ma’am Swaiba and Ma’am Ruhila. 🙏 You know, it’s like they’ve taken me on a rollercoaster of learning, and I’m still waiting for the ‘free fall’ phase! 😄

I’ve carried away some lessons from this fellowship, and let’s be honest, life’s biggest teacher is time itself — it’s like the professor we never asked for! 🕰️ These lessons include major leadership without authority, empathy, gratitude, and those LinkedIn processes that magically turned my LinkedIn profile from a wallflower into the life of the party. 🎉

InshaAllah, when I join into the world of multinational companies like Devsinc/Folio3 or the giant Google, all this knowledge will be my secret weapon. I’ll be mentoring and supporting my juniors, making our environment as powerful as a superhero (well, almost).

💪 As the famous quote is,

‘powerful people make places powerful.’ 🦸

The friendships and the memories we’ve created will forever be a cherished part of our Amal Fellowship story. 🌟



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