Top Final Year Projects for Computer Science Students with Source Codes

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As technology is constantly developing, computer science engineering demands employees who are updated with new technology developments, creative problem-solvers, and interested in the latest technologies. Therefore, computer science students must be able to work on real-world project ideas for upcoming technologies. This article aims to provide computer science students with some of the most advanced and suitable project ideas for 2023–2025, focusing on AI, software/app, hardware, security, and web-dev.

Brain Tumor Detection

Brain tumor detection is a project for students interested in machine and deep learning. Detecting brain tumors at an early stage is a difficult task for doctors since MRI images are often prone to noises and environmental interferences. The project aims to develop a system to detect brain tumors using images. The process involves converting the image into a grayscale image, applying filters to remove noise and interferences, applying image processing steps to detect the brain tumor, and image segmentation to obtain the edges of the image accurately. The project’s implementation could save many lives since detecting the tumor at the early stage helps doctors provide the appropriate treatment.

Source Code: Brain Tumor Detection using Image Segmentation

Messenger App Using Bluetooth Technology

The messaging app using Bluetooth technology is an interesting project for the final year that allows users to send messages using Bluetooth instead of the internet. The app’s functionality is similar to WhatsApp or any other chat app, where users can send and receive messages without requiring an internet connection. This app is especially useful in areas with no internet access or poor internet connections.

Source Code: Messenger App Using Bluetooth Technology

Fingerprint Voting System

The fingerprint voting system is a significant project for the final year, integrating the manual voting process into the system database that uses fingerprint to choose from the list of fingerprints. Since every person’s fingerprint is unique, this system helps to increase the speed and accuracy of the voting process and avoid problems such as insecure or inaccessible polling stations, inadequate polling materials, etc.

Source Code: Fingerprint Voting System

Product Review Analysis for Genuine Rating

The Product Review Analysis system is a web application that enables users to rate a particular product or multiple products with the help of the system. The system accepts user reviews, and depending on the opinion of the user, the system defines the product quality. The system uses sentiment keywords having positive and negative weight to rank the reviews of the products. This system helps users to determine which product to buy based on reviews.

Source Code: Product Review Analysis for Genuine Rating

Android Battery Saver System

The android battery saver system is a project that consists of a list of applications that helps in determining the battery level and alerts users when the battery level is low, and apps are consuming more battery. The system makes use of the android studio and utilizes the phone’s data to project it to the user. This project helps users prevent apps from consuming battery power when they are not in use.

Source Code: Android Battery Saver System Project

Crime Rate Prediction System

The crime rate prediction system is a project that helps reduce crime rates. For this project, the K-means algorithm is used to analyze and predict crimes by feeding the data of the crimes into the prediction system. Data mining algorithms are used to perform crime prediction, such as analyzing and predicting the collaboration and dissolution of organized crime groups, finding relevant crime patterns, hidden links, and performing link prediction and analysis of the crime data.

Source Code: Crime-Rate-Prediction — K-means-Algorithm

In conclusion, these projects will help computer science students to work on real-world project ideas for upcoming technologies. Learning these skills is essential since they offer exciting career opportunities. These projects help students to develop new tools and technologies and be updated with the latest technology developments.

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