Unsung Heroes: Celebrating the Impactful Individuals in Our Lives

Expressing Gratitude to Those Who Gave Us ‘Lollipop Moments’

Muhammad Abdullah Arif
3 min readAug 25, 2023

In our journey through life, we often encounter individuals who selflessly offer their guidance, support, and friendship, helping us navigate the twists and turns that come our way. These are the unsung heroes, the people who leave a lasting impact on our lives, often without expecting anything in return. In this article, we will shine a light on three remarkable people who have played pivotal roles in my life, guiding me through various stages of my personal and professional journey.

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School Friends:

In the world of academia, where the path forward can sometimes seem foggy and unclear, my school friends emerged as beacons of light. They stood by my side during those moments when I felt overwhelmed by the complexities of learning and life. Their patience, willingness to explain difficult concepts, and unwavering support were my lollipop moments during those formative years.

I vividly remember the day we met to discuss my struggles, and their guidance opened new doors of understanding. It is with immense gratitude that I look back on those times. To express my appreciation, we meet and have a dinner at Bahadurabad, a place that has become a symbol of our enduring friendship.

2. University Friends:

The transition from school to university marked a new chapter in my life, and it was my university friends who helped me navigate its unique challenges. Together, we ventured into the world of academia, facing complex projects and coursework that often left us scratching our heads. But through collaboration, brainstorming, and shared determination, they taught me how to approach problems from different angles, communicate effectively, and bridge the gap between science and practicality.

I cannot overstate the impact these friends had on my academic journey. It’s only fitting that I express my heartfelt thanks to them for the incredible support and insights they provided during our four-year journey.

3. Office Friends:

In the professional world, surrounded by coding and development challenges, my office friends have been invaluable. Whenever I found myself stuck in the intricate web of client requirements or the complexities of Odoo development, they were my go-to source for guidance and solutions. Their mentorship and expertise have been instrumental in my growth as a coding professional.

I want to take this moment to extend my deepest gratitude to these individuals who have consistently helped me rise above professional obstacles, empowering me to excel in my coding career.

As we celebrate these unsung heroes in our lives, let us also reflect on the people who have made a significant impact on your journey. Take the time to thank them for their ‘lollipop moments’ — those sweet, unexpected acts of kindness that have helped shape your path. Expressing gratitude not only strengthens our bonds but also reminds us of the power of kindness and support in our lives.

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