Why Odoo 18 Will Boom In 2024 & 2025 With Customers!

Muhammad Abdullah Arif
2 min readJun 4, 2024


🖥️ Key Indicators

Odoo’s Year-on-Year (YoY) growth is skyrocketing, positioning it as a dominant force in the ERP market. Here’s a snapshot of the impressive stats:

  • India: +132% growth
  • Europe: +37% increase
  • Americas: +40% jump

With over 6,600 partners globally, the Odoo network is expanding rapidly, reflecting its growing influence and adoption.

🎟️ Odoo Experience Growth

The Odoo Experience (OXP) event is projected to be the largest yet, promising a wealth of opportunities for attendees:

  • Attendees: Over 35,000
  • Exhibitors: 200+
  • Sessions: 350+ inspiring and informative sessions

The event is not just about business; it’s also about fun and networking, making it a must-attend for anyone in the ERP ecosystem.

📌 Odoo 18 Roadmap

The roadmap for Odoo 18 focuses on enhancing usability and expanding business features. Key highlights include:

  • Enhanced Usability: Making the platform more user-friendly and accessible.
  • Business Features: Adding new functionalities and refining existing ones.
  • Accounting Compliance: Ensuring compliance across 120 countries, facilitating smooth operations for global businesses.
  • SMEs and Enterprises: Introducing features tailored for both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises.

Leadership and Vision

The executive team, including Fabien Pinckaers, Antony Lesuisse, Alessandro Mazzocchetti, and Sébastien Bruyr, is at the forefront, driving innovation and change in the ERP ecosystem. Their vision and leadership are pivotal in Odoo’s ongoing success and future growth.


Super exciting times lie ahead for Odoo as it continues to evolve and expand. With its robust growth, extensive partner network, and user-centric roadmap, Odoo 18 is set to make a significant impact in 2024 and 2025.

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